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Based on a novel by John Grisham, the quality of this Tim Allen/Jamie Lee Curtis comedy depends mostly on one’s tolerance for oafish comedy and the manufactured elements of the holiday.

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His Ebenezer sings a song called “I Hate People” which everyone should learn the lyrics to in time for this year’s Christmas dinner.

Before the days of motion capture, Ron Howard padded Jim Carrey with actual makeup to play Dr. It’s an ideal role for Carrey, whose bravado can prevail through the Seussian facade.

Howard doesn’t have anything new to add, but seeing it realized is a wonder all its own.

There’s weed smoking, sex talk, terminal illness, and football.

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The movie does not skimp on the melodrama and it shouldn’t — it’s Christmas, after all.Full of weird angles, snappy language, and sadistic humor, the movie has gone unappreciated since it debuted to horrid reviews in 2000. What separates this movie from the imitators is its baddie, played by Italian director Rossano Brazzi (oddly, the nice guy star, Paul Tripp, wrote the movie).